Firstly, I do need to pass on that there is so much we can all do for others by using kindness and love.

What an amazing journey I have been on and thank God, each day for my gift that allows me to help others as best I can.

All my life, for some Spiritual reason, I have managed to combine and found serenity in two worlds – the familiar, physical world in which we live out our experiences and our existence, and the gentle God-given Spiritual world where existence has no end and we connect to our soul.

As a child, I drove my parents’ nuts by ‘seeing’ and being ‘intuitive” in many ways. Angels surround us and our lost loved ones watching over us. God, to me, is all and every living entity within and surround us.

My life is just like everyone on earth. I’ve travelled through many painful lessons; I learnt that we need to have faith and to become survivors rather than victims for the sake of our souls. That is life! Not an easy task at all!

For close on 40 years, I have been doing spiritual guidance readings – all across the globe. One-on-one sessions and via email. The Spiritual path is not easy, along the way our faith is tested, but if you remember that you are first and foremost a spiritual soul, as is everyone who crosses your path, life becomes a bit easier to cope with.

For years both Geoff and I taught meditation and I taught hypnosis to help others to help themselves and heal within.

Every event is a test for you to overcome and teaches us to grow within your inner selves.

I understand that Angels work with me and through me for my Guidance Readings – we are vessels for higher souls to use to help us to help ourselves and others. Have faith and use your intuition.

Many have thought that what I do is not religious. I pray in meditation every day that God guides me in my work and pray for all those in my life and for those in need, or who cross my path.

Connecting to those who have suffered loss of their loved ones creates massive healing.

Life is hard, it is as if it is meant to be. It helps us make choices (which is all we have really – freedom of choice). When we make our choices with kindness and love and with our gut feeling, it stops us overthinking it all. Connect with your soul – remember your soul. Allow your final choice to make you feel like you have done and are doing the right thing.

Nobody is perfect! Some think that because of what I believe and create, that my life must be easy. Wow! Not a chance. Life is full of lessons to be learnt, choices to make and the most difficult of all is to forgive yourself.

Walk carefully with kindness and love through your life.



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